2006-12-06 18:34:24
Scotty Remembered 
This is crazy! A little while ago*, I actually submitted a message to be sent into space. I know what you're thinking but it's true, check it out: more...)

2006-11-10 09:13:47
I'll Believe In Anything 
I don't think I really talked about my summer internship that I had the pleasure of doing in 2006. And so I reminisce. Let's start with a cool page I found that lists more...)

2006-10-16 23:47:58
It Takes Some Silence to Make Sound 
Bon Matin! Kinda ironic because it's late evening at present time. I've been away a long time haven't I? I know, been really busy being a cool dude. Do you want to know how (more...)

2006-09-20 08:16:01
Deep Beneath the Cover of Another Perfec... 
These first few weeks of school probably have been my busiest weeks at the beginning of any semester. I figure that now is as good a time as ever to update my blog on what's h (more...)

2006-08-31 10:32:37
A Week of Freedom 
Well that week long vacation practically went by in a breeze. Friday night included managing to get from Sherbrooke to a party in Montreal, this journey included every type o (more...)

2006-08-11 12:01:38
Big Money Spending 
Ok, I saw this article title on msn.com, it was called "Best back-to-school laptops". Gosh, are people actually thinking of buying a laptop ev (more...)

2006-08-05 11:57:39
Just Breathe 
Hypothetically, let's say I went to a university in the Montreal area... What would have happened? Well I think I would have kept spiraling in the same endless cycle that my (more...)

2006-07-28 14:37:45
Yeah, Man We Got to Grow Up 
It’s funny how school can be so uninteresting when we are in it. But when it’s gone we long to learn new things. In high school I hated my French classes and my history (more...)

2006-07-02 00:13:48
Let Me Paint You a Picture With My Imagi... 
You are going about your normal life and then suddenly you stop everything. You stop moving. You stop thinking. But you continue to breathe. You look around to situate yoursel (more...)

2006-06-23 03:03:51
All the Strengths You Have Inside Still ... 
Funny story short, my brother goes off biking with his girlfriend. Little did I know, while I was mowing the front lawn and the house was locked up, I did not have my house ke (more...)

2006-06-03 08:57:33
Dropping the Line! 
Yo bros and sistahs all around the world. Bring your original beat to that 12 seat 'round table. Let yourself become one knight among so many. (pause, waiting for my next J- (more...)

2006-03-28 01:36:25
Singing Along to Feeling Alright 
Hey everyone Let's start with a few observations I made in recent days: I think that job interviews should include a small discussion about what you did wrong in your interv (more...)

2006-03-18 14:39:10
Thunk, But Why! 
Oh gosh, how I hate how that word sounds. When it's used as the past tense of "think" in a sentence, it's hideous. Even if it's a real word, it's not cool sounding like such (more...)

2006-03-03 02:13:28
Website Upgrade 
I think I'm done. I think this is a testament to my ability to get familiar with code that I find on the internet. I think I'm not going to improve the website for a while, (more...)

2006-03-01 09:33:13
The First Entry of my Journal 
As you may notice, this isn't exactly my first entry, but that's only because I ran into a few little problems along the way. But now that those little problems are solved, ev (more...)

2006-03-01 09:26:07
Here's the Deal 
Guess what? Like so many problems I have with developing this website, my developement environment and my actual hosting environment differ. Hence, contractions work on my ho (more...)

2006-02-21 00:00:00
Learning How to Count 
Saturday afternoon, I said "one". On Monday, at 5:30pm, I said "two". And late in the early afternoon of wednesday, I will be saying "three". Finally I will end the cycle by s (more...)

2006-01-28 00:00:00
Drops of Water and a Mug 
Hello friends Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Between non-stop drops of water falling down in my sink and winning a free Ritazza coffe mug, life is good. Apparently my (more...)

April 2006